July 20, 2010

40 weeks and one day

At 8 a.m. today, we head to the doctor's office to see the progress of little Amelia. I'm assuming we'll be told about induction (what a dirty little word) if she doesn't come by some point. I just need to last until Saturday night, although Sunday morning would work, too.

Sending vibes to our little Munchkin now ....

July 19, 2010

Happy due date!

The day has finally arrived -- July 19. It seemed like so long ago that I circled that date on any calendar I could find. And, at nearly 5 p.m., the day will pass.

It's not all bad, though. Many co-workers incredulously balked at my answer to the dronish question -- you're still here??. I replied, why yes I'm still here. And I plan to work the rest of this week because my little brother is tying the knot on Saturday. I have to be there to celebrate them!

Here's to hoping ...

July 3, 2010

Baby's first O's game

Brent and I met friends in Baltimore and cheered for the home team against the A's last week. Of course, the Orioles lost, but I got to hang with the Oriole Bird him/herself!

June 29, 2010

37 weeks

We have our next appointment at 8:15 this morning. On Friday, nothing was really going on labor-wise, so I'm not expecting anything fantastic tomorrow. Just the run-of-the-mill listen to the baby's heartbeat and see if she's dropped any farther.

(Heehee ... I know. I can't even type that with a straight face! There's no such thing as a run-of-the-mill listen to Amelia. I can't wait!!)

June 28, 2010

Man Hands

You know that episode of "Seinfeld"? Yeah, today was definitely a Man Hands day.

So much for wearing my wedding rings till the end. I've retired them until little Amelia makes her debut.

June 25, 2010

Our 36-week appointment

At 8:45 a.m. today, we're heading for our first of what I hope will be several weekly appointments. Now that we're on the home stretch, the docs will be "checking" to see if any action is happening. Part of me wants to go early enough, so we aren't left in limbo for my brother's wedding.  (Plus, I can't wait to really snuggle this little munchkin.) But then the other part of me wants her to extend her stay until July 25, so everything is manageable and together at the wedding. Either way, whatever will be, will be.

I've just never been the most patient person. Please, please don't send Amelia an eviction notice July 22 through 24. (Heck, the nighttime of July 24 would even be OK.) I will be at that wedding, I will be at that wedding ... I WILL.

June 24, 2010

Shower No. 3

I know, I know. It's boring reading about all of the showers we've had, but I just have to tell you about our third one! My mother-in-law threw a bash in Berrysburg, and my parents came with us. The boys went to hit golf balls, and Mom and I hung out with the ladies.

The gifts were mostly of the hand-made variety, especially my MIL's baby blanket. You know, on a funny note, Amelia is due in July, yet we have close to 10 blankets. She'll be set come fall and winter, that's for sure!